We have a range of services for every small business which are affordable and will launch your business into the digital world!

Websites & eCommerce.

Flux specialises in responsive, modern websites to make your small business stand out in the world wide web. Need an online store too? be a step ahead of your competitors with an incredible online store from Flux.

Virtual Assistants.

As a small business you may not have the time to do all the admin work that comes with it, let us handle some or all of it for you.

Motion Picture.

Video content is becoming one of the strongest ways to advertise your business, from a 10 second Facebook ad to full seminar videos.


Need an app for your business? from clubs and on-the-go shopping to social networks, we have a solution for you!

Social Media.

Does social media give you a headache? Let us manage it for you or help you create content to convert.

Get Started.

The world of digital media awaits! Let’s get started on your project by giving you a free non-obligational quote below.