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Why Your Website Needs to Take Online Bookings

Having a website that accepts online bookings has always been useful. From hairdressers to plumbers, beauty therapists to electricians, allowing clients to book their appointments is a win-win for everyone. You save on admin time, which frees you up to work on your business. The clients quickly see when you are available and choose the appointment which suits them best. If you have yet to accept online bookings via your website, now is the time to act. We look at the numerous benefits an online booking system can provide your business next.

It’s Time to Accept Online Bookings

While accepting manual bookings may give ‘the personal touch,’ it is highly time-consuming. Paper notes, appointment books and even the good old memory aren’t perfect and have a habit of becoming lost. Then when a client wants to change their appointment, it took up even more of your time rescheduling it. 

Gaining back your time is only one of the many benefits of taking online bookings. Others include:

  • Reaching a wider audience – just by accepting online bookings, you reach a wider audience who are actively searching online for the service you provide. We’re not just talking your online presence though, but the way you have made it easy for a client to book your service without having to do any additional work.
  • Higher conversions – once again the power of the internet comes into play. If someone looking for a restaurant for the evening, they are more likely to book with you if they can do so then and there. 
  • Smart insights – when someone rings you, you can see their number on caller ID. Any information about their location and how they found you is unknown unless you ask them. But when someone makes a booking via your website, you’ll receive the information you requested on the booking form, plus gain the ability to retarget them in paid advertisements.
  • Ability to upsell – not everyone is a born salesman, except your website that is. Let your website do the cross and upselling for you, being able to promote packages or additional services when a customer or client books.
  • Online payment – accept online payment in advance in full or as a deposit.
  • Open 24/7 – a website is always available to take online bookings, unlike a person. There’ll be no busy dial or unanswered phone call when your website does the work for you.

To take your business to the next level and accept online bookings via your website, get in touch to get the ball rolling today.]

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