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Wanting to Start Selling Online? Now’s Good

Selling online isn’t anything new. NZ businesses have done it for years, from the big players through to the small home-based businesses.  It allows businesses to reach a wider market range than just customers visiting their shop, or located within their city or region. Then came COVID-19. eCommerce became even more important, with retail stores and food suppliers forced to shut their doors. Businesses without the ability to sell online struggled mightly as a result, while those who could accept online sales benefited.

As we move through the restriction levels, many customers will want to continue shopping from home online. Social distancing will remain, as will contact tracing and strict hygiene requirements too. These issues make it even more important that as a business owner, you can provide what your customers want online.

We take a look at why selling online is a viable option for most businesses, along with the many benefits there are in doing so.

It’s Time to Start Selling Online

Time is money. It’s also a luxury many business owners have in short supply. Thankfully, selling online means that once set up, many owners can take a back seat when it comes to sales transactions, and instead focus their attention elsewhere. Often this is to the creation of new products and the growth of their business.

Saving time isn’t the only benefit of providing an online shopping experience for your customers. Other benefits of selling online include:

  • Low cost – owning and managing a website is incredibly cost-effective. It is also far cheaper than renting a retail space, making it a great option to cut costs but still remain open
  • Convenient – we live in a world where people want things now. Your eCommerce store is open 24/7, allowing customers the opportunity to look through and purchase from your store when it is convenient for them
  • Reach a wider audience – having a physical retail store is great, but you’ll only receive visits from those nearby. With a website, you can reach customers throughout the country and overseas.
  • Brand awareness – get your products out there and into the minds-eye of your target audience. Make yourself more visible and people will be seeking your brand out more frequently
  • Scalability – keeping your inventory online helps you to quickly see which products or product types are popular, allowing you the opportunity to increase your range very quickly to meet your customers’ needs
  • Higher margins – let your website do the selling for you 24/7, with no need to employ staff to prevent shoplifting, handle transactions or manage product enquiries

To discuss how we can help get your business selling online, increasing your bottom dollar and giving you back your free time, get in touch with us today.

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