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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Every business needs a website. We can’t be any definitive than that. As we’ve moved into a digital world, rather than pick up the Yellow Pages, customers are instead using their smartphones to find the products or services they need. With a website, your business could be one of them.

It’s time to get off the fence and take that next step. We at Flux Lab, know that every business needs a website, and it’s our mission to deliver the best. As a one-stop website design and hosting company, our services will launch your business into the digital world!

We’ve made a list of what we believe are the seven most important reasons a business needs a website. Let us walk you through them…

7 Essential Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Website

More than two billion people access the internet every day to shop, socialise, research, learn and be entertained. A business with a website can easily meet one or more of those purposes. One of the least expensive and most effective tools a business can have is a website. Here’s why your business needs one too:

  1. Customers expect businesses to have a website – if you’re not visible online, are you a genuine business? A website helps build a customer’s trust in a business.
  2. You own a piece of online real estate – you don’t own the internet, but you do own your website. As such, you can control what is said on it, explaining your story and sharing your messages with your online audience.
  3. You get found – if you don’t have a website, how will you be found by your customers? A well-designed website with excellent content will be found by search engines and visited by customers.
  4. Showcase your products or services – there’s no need to restrict your sales to those in your local community. With a website, you can sell NZ wide or overseas.
  5. Cost-effective marketing – a business website gives you a place to direct customers to. Here they can learn more about your business’ mission, understand the benefits you can provide them with and make a good impression. This is far cheaper than paying for print advertisements.
  6. Social proof – you give customers an opportunity to learn what others think about your product or services. Most people will engage in research before buying something, and if you’ve got social proof on your website, this is taken in high regard.
  7. Open 24/7 – let your website work for you 24/7. It can generate sales and leads on your behalf, which helps with building relationships with customers and growing your brand recognition.

Once knowing that your business needs a website, the next step is to contact us. We’re ready to launch your business into the digital world today!

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